American Hemp Oil Review

American Hemp Oil Review

America’s #1 Source for CBD Hemp Oil

They source domestically from Colorado, USA. Important because USA has some of the strictest laws governing the planting and extracting of hemp and cbd. They use the following criteria when it comes to their products.

Health Department Approval:

Their facilities operate under food manufacturer sanitation standards.

Health Department Manufacturing License:

Our processing facilities are certified, licenses, and authorized to operate as a manufactured food establishment. This is important because companies can provide yet another layer of safety and transparency to consumers.

CBD Hemp Oil 100% Made with All-Natural Ingredients

Environmental Safety Approval:

This is a big plus when it comes to consumer trust. American Hemp Oil makes safety of product number one compliant to shelf stability approval which ensures all of their products are mold and microbial free.


Good manufacturing practices are governed by the FDA. With extraction and processing facilities that are cGMP-certified, you’ll receive CBD products held to a higher standard.

ISO-9001 Certified:

This international standard provides the requirements for quality management, demonstrating consistency and ability to meet regulatory and customer requirements. Has a result of being Internationally complaint they can ship Internationally as well as domestically.

 Free Shipping to for US domestic. International shipping is only $10.00

Lab tested & contain ZERO THC with Free Shipping in US

Extraction Method:

Our products are created by a CO2 extraction this is a FDA Approved extraction method that helps ensure you are getting oil that is THC free in Colorado, USA. The refined oil is then run through flash chromatography to separate the THC out of the finished isolate product and then blended together with our hemp-derived Terpenes to make the American Hemp Oil products .

Third Party Tested By Evio Labs

Evio Labs has become the go to testing laboratory for all things cbd. American Hemp Oil Company is one of the most transparent of ll the companies we have reviewed over the past year. They are trusted in the industry and have even been featured on Ministry of Hemp and to name just a few.

All natural they use coconut oil as a their carrier oil.

90 day guarantee

The hemp crops are grown free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. It is important to note here that they do multiple testing throughout the whole process from harvested hemp crop to the manufacturing and shipping of products.

They are proud members of the National Hemp Association

The American Hemp Oil mission is to simply to be America’s most trusted CBD company.

They stand by integrity and safety. They also keep an updated blog on their website for information and research.

Hemp-derived CBD products can provide your customers with a natural alternative to improve their overall wellness

American Hemp Oil comes in three dosages 500mg,1000mg and 2500mg.The cost is $50 up to $140 which seems to be around the normal range for cbd oils. If you couple that with the free shipping though it is a great deal..

They also have cbd for pets and cbd pain cream.

My Thoughts On American Hemp Oil

Overall this is a great company. A few things that we liked was the transparency. The cbd oils only contain 3 natural ingredients.They really are committed to being an affordable and trusted company in the cbd industry. One of the things that I did notice however, is besides the free shipping domestically. I could not find any type of philanthropy or giving back program that a lot of CBD companies are doing naturally.

So for that reason I would have to give them a 3.5 Star Rating, perhaps in the future we will see more of the giving back side to this company.

America’s #1 Source for CBD Oil

Check them out today.

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