American Shaman CBD Review

American Shaman CBD Review

The company specializes in the hemp oil production which assists in relieving stress without any mind-altering effects of THC. CBD American Shaman produces oil which is rich with cannabidiol natural carbon dioxide extract. American Shaman takes it’s name and mission from the ancient traditions of Native American healers.

The company claims its CBD oil to be of the highest quality since the production follows all the industry standards. According to the company, the process of CBD extraction begins only after governmental agencies approve it. However they are not as transparent as other companies when it comes to thier lab reports,so that is something to keep in mind.

One of the things that I do like about the company besides their prices is there Compassionate Care program. They are committed to helping people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. They firmly believe that everyone should be able to use CBD without having to worry about price.

The program itself requires you to fill out an application and you do have to upload proof of illness or disability. This is only so people do not take advantage of the program. The process is easy and fast to get approved and well worth it for those suffering chronic illnesses.


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What Are The Pros To CBD American Shaman

The technology

The company uses what is called nanotechnology that breaks CBD down into tiny nanoparticles.  The company, states that this approach allows them to make their products more effective and rapidly absorbable. It is 9 times more bioavailable than any thing on the market today. This technology allows it to be absorbed into the body faster.

Refund Guarantee – If not satisfied refund is available for a full 45 dys after purchase.

100% Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO Hemp

Company also states that they don’t use any heavy metals or pesticides,if true this is a big pro.

Based out of Kansas City Missouri so United States based

American Shaman Products

They boost a large selection of products and pricing is affordable from $10 to $110 depending on the product. Most oils are around the $50 to $60 dollar range which seems to be pretty common. Edibles can be bought from $10 to $30.

  • CBD oil tinctures-These come in four varieties with both full spectrum and isolate options. Unfortunately, artificial flavors abound in the flavored oils, but there’s some good stuff in here too. The full spectrum tinctures contain saponin, which has immune boosting properties.



  • CBD oil for dogs, cats, and even horses.
  • CBD edibles- CBD candy, CBD popcorn, and a fan favorite, the Hermit Cookies.
  • CBD topicals- uses only all-natural ingredients and includes CBD salve, serums, lip balm, and face cream.

The topicals are a favorite of ours,we love trying different CBD topicals and their pain cream fits the bill. I am always looking for relief for my back and hip arthritis. American Shaman topicals use ultra concentrated CBD Hemp Oil plus a blend of Aloe Vera ,Vitamin A, D, & E Oil. Both the CBD Hemp oil and the Aloe Vera are anti inflammatory properties. When blended and used together American Shaman topicals are a winner.

Final Thoughts On American Shaman

Overall I would give this company a 4 star rating.

They have a large selection of product.

The Compassionate Care Program is second to none. As a company they are looking at the bigger picture and that is to be sustainable and to give back. They are 100% organic which fits into the green movement well.

I do believe they need to be more transparent when it comes to lab reports though. None the less they have a strong following and great reputation in the CBD and Hemp industry.






  1. Hello!  Thank you for such an informative post!  I’ve been doing a little research lately on CBD oil, as it’s an up and coming product for sure.  I’ve never heard of the American Shaman company, but I like that they’re making it possible for anyone to purchase by keeping their prices low.  They also claim to be 100% Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Hemp, which are all great things, in my opinion!  I would have never thought about using this product on animals, but it does make sense!  I would agree with you – they should disclose and be more transparent with lab results.  This would better sell their product.  Thanks for the research you did for this article!  

    1. Thank you for reading up on my review. I do agree that one thing is transparency and most cbd companies are very transparent. American Shaman however it was hard to see the most recent lab results for. 
      Almost all use third party for lab results which is the norm but American Shaman the last one was from ProVerde labs they did not include results for contaminants like pesticides, mold, and heavy metals. Which in my opinion the use of pesticides or not is important to note.

      It is definitely up and coming with trends predicted to go into the double digit billions over the next 5 years,but for me it is more the fact that cbd works without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. I use the tropicals daily now for my arthritis and the inflamation of my copd. It simply works on both of them and I feel 10 times better.

  2. Excellent article you have here and I must say that this is indeed a great company with great array of products available. One thing that I love most about this American shaman is the fact that they offer provisions for various vbd oils —isolate and full spectrum. Also, the fact that I can buy for both me and my dog. That’s great to know of. That ks for this review on them

  3. Wow, this is really awesome and I like the fact that this american shaman company are so bent on helping those with very chronic illnesses. I think I should get two of their products. One cbd for me and one for my dog. Happy to note that they have used really awesome technology on their cbd to make it better. Having said all this, I think another important thing to do is to share this post because not so many people will benefit from the offer if they dont see the offer. Its cool that it is very easy to join. I like the company. Thank you for posting this out.

    1. As more and more research is emerging almost on a daily basis it is becoming clear that cbd for chronic pain and a host of other ailments is the way to go. The benefits when weighed against the side affects of pharmaceuticals is mind blowing. Can you just imagine no more nasty side affects when cbd will do the same and even better.

  4. This is really now and I love the idea of full spectrum in which this company is following in making their products I love the description about this product and its effectiveness. How ever I never knew I could use these CBD product for my cat as well, this is one of the best products i have come across in a long time. I’ll see that i purchase this product for myself and even for cat. 

  5. Wow! Nice review of American Shaman cbd. They offer quite a lot of products I must say and I like that they offer both the full spectrum and the isolate. Being an athlete, I need cbd oil products but only the isolates to avoid being tested positive for drugs because of the presence of THC in the full spectrum though. I’d check them out siceythey offer quite a large number of products, I should see a couple that would suit my taste.

    1. I agree I use the tropicals everyday myself not being an athlete anymore but I use it for my back and hip arthritis I can say I havent felt this good in years. It keeps me active and still hiking. I use only the isolates myself as I do still work and though the thc in full spectrum is extremely small I don’t want to take the chance. If you do check them out there is 20 percent off if you use the code    AMERICAN20

  6. Who wouldn’t want to  get good organic products for themselves. Its a very good thing thatbghe American shaman company are providing treatment for the sick through the Compassionate Care program. I totally agree that they need to do this through serious scrutiny of collecting proof of the illness. I use cbd and I’m going to try their products out because your rating is relatively fair for the company. Awesome!

    1. I agree I really like thier Compassionate Care Program I wish more companies had it. Most cbd companies do have programs of philanthropy and giving back though, This making the whole cbd industry unique in that aspect.

  7. I must say I’m impressed with the development rate of this CBD oil, my wife is currently using one and it seem to be helping her deal with anxiety perfectly. Seeing there are more products which have various form like candies and popcorn is really amazing. I love the efficiency of CBD oil and I would get more of these products. A very important information this is. Thanks. 

    1. Yes the addition to the edibles over the past few years is making this even more easier to take. When I first started taking cbd oil myself one of the things I hated was the taste,now they come in different flavor oils and edibles like gummies and even popcorn. A friend of mine did like your wife and started using it daily for their anxiety about 10mg twice a day,within a month she was able to ween off her prescription drug that she was taking for anxiety.

  8. Hi Cathy, thanks for the American Shaman CBD Review. You have definitely done your research on this product and its benefits. You have mentioned the Pros, but are there any Cons ? My other question it, How are they with shipping internationally ? I live in Australia and would love to get my hands on some American Shaman CBD if it is available to me

    1. Hello and welcome. I did mention one of the biggest and only con I had for them was the lack of transparency when it came to wether or not they use pesticides. Though they do have a good reputation in the industry I still believe in full transparency when it comes to an ingestible product like cbd oils.I believe at this time shipping is US and Canada only

  9. In today’s use of medicinal or health-boosting products what we require at least what I require is it has complete Information Transparency. The product is non-GMO and does not give negative side effects. The company gives attention to customer satisfaction guarantees such as return and refund facility if the product does not come up with the things said about it. With all, I said the CBD American Shaman  Hemp oil range of products seemed to fulfill the requirements of mine and most buyers for that matter. The adds on is that it has a Compassionate Care Program that is attractive to any prospective buyers. Using the latest technology and purportedly without using any heavy metal or pesticides are big come on. Not only Hemp Oil relieves Stress it does not have the altering effect of a THC and contains Saponin an immune-boosting property. So, in my opinion, this product for stress reliever is a sure winner hands-down knowing the price is reasonable as well. Way to go.

    1. Absolutely there are so many health benefits to cannaboids I think we have only just barely touched the surface of what those benefits are. As you pointed out one of the main benefits for many is the fact it works for stress and anxiety much better it turns out than most pharmaceutical drugs which have some of the worse adverse side affects known. Just look at the opiate epidemic.I believe in the next five years as more research is done it will replace a lot of those like prozac

  10. What a wonderful article.  I am a CBD user and I thought every product was more or less the same. You are making it clear that I should really be looking closer into the products I am ingesting.  

    What do you mean when you say 9 times more bioavailable?  Does that mean it is 9 times more effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier? Or stays in your blood stream longer?  In the instance of a psychoactive drug, I thought it was how long the user feels the high from the drug…is it the same idea for CBD? 

    Higher the bioavailability, the longer the pain-relieving (or stress, etc.) qualities last?  

    If this company really has figured out how to manufacture a CBD product almost ten times stronger than any other on the market, they really have stumbled upon something very special….and marketable! Thank you very much for sharing this information. 

    1. Bioavailable basically means it is absorbed by the body faster than most other cbd’s on the market today. As far as a high you really do not get a high like associated with marijuana itself. CBD’s are unique in that they come from the same plant as marijuana but without all the thc (tetrahydrocannabinol) CBD’s or cannaboids attach themselves and use your own endocannabinoid system and helps it and all other systems of the body reach homeostasis,or a state of balance. If you are using isolate cbd then you will not have any thc. Full spectrum does have an extremely small amount of thc in it but neither are actually physchactive like if you were just using medicinal marijuana. 

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