CBD Oil Reviews


Everywhere you look now you are bound to find shops across the states advertising CBD and the many health benefits. CBD is literally everywhere. But do you know what it is? What about the best choices when it comes to CBD? Would you know what to choose, full spectrum, isolate, pure,organic – the list goes on so many choices!

This is where our CBD Oil Reviews come in. We are not only advocates for CBD and the many healthy benefits that come from it’s use, we are also consumers and users of CBD for a better life.

Personally when we review a product there are certain criteria we look for in a brand and company.

  1. Quality – This is paramount with so many companies jumping on the CBD cannabis bandwagon we need to know which companies are holding to the highest quality standards.
  2. Source –  Like our food we want to make sure we know where it is coming from! We look at the US grown hemp companies first and they get the highest rankings. The reason we prefer US grown is because it is grown under stricter conditions then any other country.So if they source domestically grown hemp then we already know it hits the quality mark.
  3. Type variations and Price – No two CBD’S are alike we look for comapnies that offer a variety of pricing and options. Vape, CBD Oils, Creams different doses and flavors.
  4. Education – Education from a company is important. Most CBD or hemp companies are advocates for helping educate consumers on the many benefits and types of hemp,CBD’s and the industry as a whole.


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