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Understanding What CBD Is (CBD 101)

Understanding What CBD Is (CBD 101)

So you are curious about CBD, after all it seems to be on every corner and on all the media outlets lately. Let’s run down down a simple 101 on CBD and how it is different than marijuana.

Just what is CBD? The basic answer is that cbd comes from cannabis. Cannabis is a genus of flowering plant with a number of species including sativa, indica,and ruderalis. With each one having different strains and varieties of each.

sativa indica ruderalis

To get a better understanding of CBD we are going to focus on Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis Sativa can either be marijuana or hemp, remember different strains and varieties. The difference comes down to the plants molecular makeup or structure. Marijuana is high in THC,the stuff that gives you a high. Hemp is high in CBD. Now THC is the stuff that gets you high it stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD stands for Cannabidiol this is not a drug.


These two are the most dominant cannabinoids in cannabis. There are more than one hundred active cannabinoids in cannabis. The amount of THC and CBD is what determines whether it is marijuana or hemp.To be marijuana it has to have a high THC 5% to 35% . To be medicinal hemp and for it to be considered legal it has to have low THC less than .3% . Another difference between marijuana and medicinal hemp is the amount of CBD in the plant. Marijuana has a low CBD count where as medicinal hemp has high CBD 16% or more. It can and does get a bit confusing as they look very similar to each other. Each can also be used for medicinal purposes but they are very different plants. In a nutshell Sativa Cannabis but two different species.

marijuana or hemp difference

Which Full Spectrum CBD Oil is Best?

Both marijuana and medicinal hemp can have beneficial benefits to your overall health. So how do you choose ? If you are going to go with the medicinal marijuana I would highly advise that you do so only through a marijuana doctor and only from trusted sources. For our purposes here at Pain Free and Cbd we are looking at CBD only. What you want to find is a full spectrum medicinal hemp cbd oil. You can have a full spectrum without the thc. What that is is a product that has all the same cannabinoids as marijuana but without any thc. Which makes CBD oil not a drug and you can not get high from taking it. CBD also is legal is all 50 states and you do not have to have a medical marijuana card to acquire it.

So Let’s Recap For A Minute :

Marijuana and medicinal hemp

  • Both have broad leaves and tight buds
  • Both grow in a bush form
  • Marijuana normally produces a product that is marketed as cannabis oil that normally has high THC
  • Medicinal Hemp is normally marketed as CBD and has less than .3% thc, it is not a drug and can not get you high

CBD Is Great But What Is Carrier Oil About?

Once you start becoming familiar with cbd oil and start thinking about possibly trying it yourself for pain management or overall health another thing you will run across is companies pointing out their different carrier oils. So what are they exactly? Carrier oils are what helps your body absorb the cbd. CBD taken by itself in its raw form is sort of a bland, white/clearish crystalline solid. It would be like taking a spoonful of salt or sugar without any liquid. Not the best option! So we have carrier oils. CBD is infused into an oil so the human body can absorb and metabolize it efficiently . Different companies will use different oils for this.

Another way of looking at this is a bit more scientific .When CBD is consumed as an infused oil, though, things are totally different; because the actual cannabidiol molecule is fat soluble rather than water soluble, it has a high affinity for the lipid content that’s found in essential oils like coconut oil and olive oil. Basically, this means that the crystalline solid will readily dissolve and attach itself to the molecular compounds in the oil, at which point they can be absorbed – and eventually utilized – by the body. As mentioned above two popular ones are coconut oil and olive oil and all can have added benefits.

Another popular carrier oil is hemp seed oil. This comes from industrial hemp. It is also a variety of the cannabis sativa plant species.It is grown specifically for industrial uses such as clothing,rope,canvas,paper and textiles. One of the great things found out about this plant besides it’s many industrial uses is that it has a lot of seeds that have been found to produce an amazing oil that is rich in omega fatty fats acids. This not only qualifies as a super food but it makes an excellent carrier oil. The rich omega fatty acids helps with the absorption of cannabiniods. (CBD)

Our recommendation is going to be a full spectrum cbd oil that uses whole plant extraction without the thc and that uses hemp seed oil as a carrier. You not only get the benefit of the cannabinoids for pain relief and anti inflammatory issues but you get the added benefit of putting a super food into your diet regiment.

You can check out the CBD Oil that we recommend here on our home page  

CBD Oil 101 there you have a great beginning to understanding more about CBD.  I hope you have found this not only informative but educational as well. We all have an endocanniboidal system, we all have but one body. It is time to start taking care of our systems not our symptoms. Whether you use what we recommend or not I hope you join us here at Pain Free and CBD on our journey to take back our health and start living a life free from prescription drugs but more importantly living a life free from pain the natural way!!






  1. Truly, this is both educative and informational. I really like the way you have you have given the information I this awesome post. The fact that I can learn more about CBD is very good. I didn’t know that there was a difference between the CBD and the hemp at all. I understand now that there is a set amount that is supposed to be in CBD and in cannabis as well and if it passes that guage then it has gone wrong.

    1. Thank you for reading my rticle. Yes there is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to cbd,hemp and marijuana that is why I try to educate folks about hte differences. It is so important to understanding the different benefits of each.

  2. It is no wonder marijuana is legal in some places as it can also be considered to be medicinal. Cbd n marijuana seems to be very similar due to their contents. One needs to carefully understand and study them if we are to grasp their differences. Because of where cbd oil is gotten from a lot of people consider it to have the same effect as marijuana. Seriously I think we need to really study them if we are to understand their differences.

    1. This is why education on what cbd is is so important. It can help with a variety of symptoms but you are right education is the key.

  3. CBD oil market is one of the fast growing market currently. I personally started learning about CBD oil last few months.  And it seems like the benefits are many , though some people claim to be dangerous, but that’s what happens whenever is still young. But reading your post convinced me on the benefits of CBD oil. 

    1. The sad part of an industry that can benefit so many. The fact that there are so many misconcepts out there about cbd right now. Hope to be able to educate as many as I can about the potential benefits to ones overall health.

  4. I have been using CBD for a year now and it is so sad that I do not know so much about it. The fact that you can mention the different types of the carrier oil is very good. I know that I have learnt something today from here especially on the percentage of the CBD. I fell more people should acquire this knowledge of the product. I will share this post!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and more importantly educate yourself. It is so critical right now to know that yes CBD can help but you have to know what is in it. Not all CBD is what it says it is,you must get it from a reputable and transparent company.

  5. Thanks for your wonderful review. I have never used CBD oil, but I hear on the face of many it is helping many. I see that you were talking about how being good for health means using pure CBD oil. However, does it have any side effects?
    If there is no problem in the house then I will buy it for my father.

    1. Thank you for asking about any side affects. So far the only down side is if you are on blood thinners like Warferin it seems to increase the effectiveness of the blood thinners so you will want to consult with a doctor first.

  6. Thanks to especially for giving such an article. We have learned a lot from reading your articles and the content of your articles will be very useful in our daily life. I especially like CBD Oil. I have learned how to make this oil through your article. And then I realized that this oil is very good for our health. And I am very interested in using this oil. I would encourage all my friends and relatives to use this oil. 

    Through your article I knew about another oil, And that’s it hemp Seed Oil. This oil is used exclusively in the garment industry, rope factory and paper making. The oils used in our country for all these purposes were very expensive but did not yield much benefit. But your product will easily gain popularity in our country. 

    I want you to know if using this oil will have any side effects?

    1. Very few side effects safer than almost any pharmaceutical drug on the market today. It has been known to interact if you are on blood thinners so always best to ask your doctors advice.

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